The Burlington Initiative enrollment process!

Welcome new Archive customer and thank you for choosing Archive to ensure that your genome is protected in tomorrows world!
It is now your job to get to one of our many Vaults across the U.K in the event of total atomic annihilation.
Please follow this simple guide to ensure that your genome is protected in tomorrows world.

Join The B.I

Take The SAT

You Pass

Hear The EWS

Ignore The EWS

Get Vapourized

You Pass

Head To Nearest Vault

Wait In An Orderly Queue


Get vapourized

Enter Vault


Welcome to The Burlington Initiative

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am pleased to inform you have been accepted onto The Burlington Initiative.

Now that you have been accepted onto The Burlington Initiative your local Archive Representative will be round to hand deliver you your Vault Entry Card in the case of total atomic annihilation. We encourage you to always have this card on you in today's uncertain world. With this card, you'll be able to gain entry to any of the 73 vaults spread across our great nation & if travelling abroad please show this card to any Archive Representative at our Embassy's in our allies nations to gain entry to any of our international vaults.

Upon entering a vault you will be assigned a role by your Governor if you are 18 or over. This role is predefined by your previous occupation or field of study if you were still in education at the time of total atomic annihilation. You will also be assigned living quarters and the latest version of RobCo's Personal Information Processor the standard issue RobCo Pip-Boy 3000 Mark V the forefront of personal computing in modern Britan.

Yours faithfully,
Charles Broadhurst,
Secretary of State for Perpetuation,
Her Majesty's Government